Business benefits of sports hospitality
Business benefits of sports hospitality

Business benefits of sports hospitality

Sport connects people from all walks of life. Fans are united in their support for a favourite team or player, and at global sporting events are brought together from all over the world to cheer on athletes taking their place on the biggest stage. And sport can be a big player in bringing businesses and clients together too, with sports hospitality fast becoming a vital strategy in increasing revenue for many companies.

A sports hospitality package is often the surest way to secure the best view at popular events, and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 may be the most popular sporting occasion on the planet. Many official hospitality packages are designed with corporate interests in mind, allowing VIPs to enjoy the Games in a luxury setting. An exclusive hospitality with attentive staff cultivates the perfect environment to impress guests with an unforgettable experience against a backdrop of world class sport.

As well as unrivalled tickets, sports hospitality packages include top-class dining options, souvenirs and the opportunity to watch all the action, with strategically placed screens around the hospitality venue to ensure guests catch every nail-biting moment live. All this adds up to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is bound to impress, offering excellent value for money in turn. A previous hospitality purchaser commented: “The service exceeded the price: food was excellent, and of course, the seat was in an area with a good view of the sport”.

Many businesses opt to purchase packages as a team building opportunity for staff. Companies find the chance to liaise in a more relaxed environment helps colleagues get to know one another better while bonding over a shared experience. Teams are strengthened and morale boosted, leading to increased productivity back in the workplace – a clear home run!

But the benefits of sports hospitality go beyond socialising. Hosting a memorable event for new or potential clients is a great way to galvanise and foster long-term relationships, which in turn increases business and profitability. In a recent survey, the research suggested that 92 per cent of businesses who buy corporate hospitality believe it is extremely effective at improving relations with clients*, and 70 per cent of those who attend as a corporate hospitality guest say it drives greater brand loyalty than print/online advertising or direct telephone calls**. All of which points to client retention and a substantial return on investment.

With corporations from all over the world gathering at international events such as the Olympic Games, the networking and PR opportunities are endless, with a previous guest claiming that “Interactions with guests from overseas was a valuable experience”. New relationships can be forged, and brand awareness increased, all while making memories to last a lifetime.

The upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo is the ideal event for companies to take advantage of unique hospitality packages and make their mark on clients.

Register your interest today to hear more about Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality Packages and secure your place at the pinnacle of sports hospitality.

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**SMG Insights / YouGov STH Research 2013

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