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Spotlight on Athletics

We are taking a closer look at athletics – one of the highlights of the Olympic schedule. Taking place in the flagship Olympic Stadium, which will also host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletics offers excitement, thrill and suspense for spectators.

Athletics has three disciplines – track & field, marathon and race walk – with official hospitality available at the track & field sessions.  Based on the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher and Stronger”, track is a simple yet intense discipline where athletes compete to see how fast they can go in short-distance, medium and long-distance runs, hurdles and relays – competitors undergo rigorous training to run even 0.01 second faster. Representing their countries and regions on the world stage once every four years, athletes will deliver thrilling drama from start to finish. Whether it is witnessing your national team athlete overtaking their opponent or the moment of a brilliant baton pass in the relay, it guarantees an unforgettable memory for you and your guests.

Field is divided into jumping and throwing events – high jump and long jump, discus throw and hammer throw. On the field, each athlete performs individually, and ranking is determined by their performance. It can be said that field is more of a battle against oneself than a competition with other athletes. With each individual constantly trying to go higher or further, spectators are enthralled by every moment where participants are aiming for their best. Don’t miss out on the beautiful forms and powerful performances of world-class athletes from a top category seat in the stadium, which is included with an official hospitality package.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality has a variety of packages available, either combing athletics with Opening and Closing Ceremony events, or just simply athletics sessions on their own. You can enjoy the Games from top category seats as well as experiencing luxury hospitality at our flagship venue – the Platinum Pavilion. The Platinum Pavilion is an exclusive space for official hospitality guests and will be located within the ticketed perimeter alongside the Olympic Stadium. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality provides world-class service and entertainment for guests, such as 5-star dining by top international chefs and celebrity guest appearances.

Sports hospitality is widely used for building new and existing business relationships, as well as entertaining family and friends. This is still a new concept in Japan, so don’t miss out on enhancing your Olympic experience with Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality. We guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a vibrant atmosphere and spine-tingling moments that come with the Olympic Games.

To find out more information when packages go on sale, please register your interest today.

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