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Why Tokyo 2020 will be the most innovative Games yet

According to the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the vision for the Games is that “The Tokyo 2020 Games, as the most innovative in history, will bring positive reform to the world”. *

It goes without saying that Japan is well-known as a technologically advanced country, and Tokyo 2020 is no exception. “The Tokyo 2020 Robot Project” aims to bring leading-edge robots into various locations to help people during Tokyo 2020. Human Support Robots will assist spectators in wheelchairs accessing to the venues and Field Support Robots will determine the optimal path to guide staff retrieving items such as hammers or javelins thrown by athletes. The Tokyo 2020 Mascot-type Robot Miraitowa, which bows and waves with human-like facial expressions, will be an iconic invention and will welcome guests from all over the world. From robots as entertainment to operational robots, Japan will show us cutting edge technology in a new way during Tokyo 2020. In addition, a facial recognition system will be introduced at the Games for the first time and it will be used at the gates at each venue. This will allow athletes, staff, volunteers and the press to access the venue strictly and smoothly.

Technology is not the only innovation the Games is going to showcase – Tokyo 2020 aims to prepare and operate the Games in a sustainable way. One of the projects is to manufacture the medals with metal extracted from used mobile phones and small home appliances donated by the general public. This has now already achieved its goal to produce approximately 5,000 medals.** Tokyo 2020 is also planning to turn used plastics including marine plastic waste into a victory ceremony podium, which will be the first time this has happened in Olympic and Paralympic history. It is no exaggeration to say that Tokyo 2020 will be the Olympics of a new era by running various projects for sustainability that makes more people aware of the issues and get involved with environmental activities.

As Japan is known as a country with a spirit of “Omotenashi” (hospitality), one of the unique concepts that Tokyo 2020 has is that all Japanese citizens will welcome visitors from all around the world with the best Japanese Omotenashi – something that makes the upcoming Games stand out as one not to miss.

Taking hospitality one step further, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality is another innovative initiative for Japan. A regular addition to global sporting events across the world, sports hospitality has been commonly used for both business networking and personal experiences in Western countries, however, it is still not widely known in Japan. Tokyo 2020 serves as an excellent springboard to introduce the notable programme into a country known for its hospitality and welcoming nature.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality Packages combine a top-category ticket with world-class dining in a luxurious space, and guarantees you an unforgettable experience at the most innovative Games to date. To receive information about Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality Packages, register your interest today.

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